All About Segregation
Bin Boy
  • Waste Picker
    Is burnt by waste pickers, causing air pollution.
  • Expose Waste
    Exposes waste pickers to diseases caused by its hazardous components.
  • Breed Germs
    Breed germs that infect children playing nearby.
  • Is At Risk
    Contaminates water supply due to poor dumping or leakages from landfill sites.
  • Clogs Waterways
    Clogs waterways and creates stagnant pools - a breeding ground for germs.
  • Floods Drainage Channels
    Floods drainage channels and carries faeces, contaminating drinking water and soil.
  • Allows Toxic
    Allows toxic chemicals to mix with water and soil, poisoning people for years.
  • Is at Risk of Explosion
    Is at risk of explosion due to untreated chemicals.
Dry Waste
Wet Waste
Domestic Hazardous
Milk Packet With Milk
Dried Up Food
Masks anf Gloves
How 3 Bin Segregation Helps

How 3-bin segregation helps?

With 3-bin segregation, we separate man-made, hazardous and organic waste right  at the time of disposal. This helps create a sustainable waste management system.

  • It forms the base for a healthier environment by reducing emissions
  • It leads to circular economy creating green jobs, recycling and innovations
  • Ensures healthier lives for waste pickers and other high-risk groups
  • Cleanses water supplies
  • Life of the landfill increases