All About Segregation
All About Segregation

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Why Segregation ?

Proper and proactive  waste segregation is the need of the hour for many reasons.

As improperly segregated waste :    

Waste Picker

Is burnt by waste pickers, causing air pollution. 

Expose Waste

Exposes waste pickers to diseases caused by its hazardous components.

Breed Germs

Breed germs that infect children playing nearby.

Is At Risk

Contaminates water supply due to poor dumping or leakages from landfill sites.

Clogs Waterways

Clogs waterways and creates stagnant pools - a breeding ground for germs.

Floods Drainage Channels

Floods drainage channels and carries faeces, contaminating drinking water and soil.

Allows Toxic

Allows toxic chemicals to mix with water and soil, poisoning people for years.

Is At Risk Of Explosion

Is at risk of explosion due to untreated chemicals. 

Segregation is Easy

At the time of disposal, segregate waste into three categories: dry, wet and hazardous.
Dispose them separately.

Whereas, man-made items that won't decompose in soil, are dry waste.

Dry Waste

Dry waste

Plastic items
(Wafer packets, chocolates, product packing, milk packets)
(Scraps, newspapers, notebooks, cardboard boxes and cartons)
foil, metal cans, unbroken glassware, batteries, bulbs.


Remember that all natural items that are likely to decompose in soil classify as wet waste.

Wet Waste

Wet waste

Vegetable peels, eggshells, leftover food, chicken/fish bones, rotten fruit, vegetables, leaves weeds, flowers (puja flowers).

Medical items or things that could infect others, classify as domestic hazardous waste.

Domestic Hazardous

Domestic Hazardous

Masks, gloves, sanitary napkins, diapers, blades, syringes, used bandages, condoms used tissues, medicines, nails

Tricky Examples

Milk Packet With Milk
Dried Up Food
Masks anf Gloves

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