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Recycling And Reduction of Waste.
Managing Waste at Home

Managing Waste at Home

How to reduce your waste output & compost

Until your society starts segregating, hand over your recyclable items to a local recycler or waste management NGO.

Then follow it by composting for wet waste & recycling waste. (Mumbai: Raddi Connect, Aasra, Dalmia).

Often local kabadiwalas only accept a limited range of items such as newspapers, bottles and metals. In this case, find an organisation that can recycle a wider range of items such as tetra packs, aluminum foils and milk packets. You could find more ways to recycle on Google.

Things you will need:
Contact of a local recycler

How to dispose dry waste
How to dispose dry waste
Things You Will Need
Carry reusable bags for shopping.
Say no to disposable spoon, straws and plates
Go for reusable mugs instead.
Plan your meals better.
Share your leftover food
Use reusable rags and cloths for cleaning