Our Approach
Our Approach

Doing our bit for a healthier tomorrow

Collected and processed approximately

Collected and processed approximately

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Waste across 50 cities in India.

End-to-end waste management program 

in coalition with our partners UNDP & Xynteo in four wards in Mumbai

500+ safai saathis

waste from 33000 households  and touched the lives of

500+ safai saathis

500+ safai saathis

Safai saathis

Educating young minds about the importance of waste management and how to segregate correctly

we have launched a curriculum on waste segregation and the benefits of recycling to drive behaviour change.

Over 1 Lakh  students


1 Lakh 


Over 2000+ schools in Maharashtra & Uttarakhand



schools in Maharashtra
& Uttarakhand

waste management

Start A little good with effective waste management

Ensure that waste is always thrown into a dustbin 

Be mindful of segregating your waste.

The segregated Dry waste is processed responsibly & recycled or recovered

It is only via our partners who share a similar vision that we can fulfill our objective of putting waste where it truly belongs, that is in the Circular Economy

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